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FHA 203(k) Limited

The FHA 203(k) limited program is designed for non-structural repairs up to a maximum of $35,000 in total renovation costs—this includes the contingency reserve and any additional fees. This is an excellent loan for your clients that have a home with a significant renovation that restricts the ability to move-in immediately. With the right expert assistance and loan, the property can be move-in ready after renovations. These programs are available for Purchase and Refinance.

  • $5,000–$35,000 in total renovation costs
  • Ideal for minor renovations including appliances and cosmetic repairs

FHA 203(k) Standard

The standard program is for all projects > $35,000 or homes requiring significant renovations, such as structural changes, room additions, or improvements that make the home uninhabitable during construction.

  • Major renovations
  • > $35,000 in total renovation costs
  • May include structural repairs

HomeStyle® Renovation

There are two types of HomeStyle® transactions available:

  • Up to $50,000 in total renovation costs including contingency reserve and any additional fees – Designed for non-structural repairs and allows for two draws
  • Projects >$50,000 in total renovation cost including contingency reserve and any other expenses – Homes requiring any significant renovations, such as structural
  • changes/room additions and allows up to five draws
  • Up to $50,000 in total renovation costs
  • Flexible for minor or major renovations
  • Perfect for good to great credit Borrowers

Purchasing a Home that Requires a Few Updates?

Make your home your own by taking advantage of our suite of renovation loan programs. Renovations can include updates on appliances, painting, kitchen and/or bathroom remodels, energy efficient improvements, plumbing, roof repairs and more!

NOTE: Residency restrictions may apply to loan programs. By refinancing the existing loan, the total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.Rates, terms, and availability of programs is subject to change without notice.

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